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Building Systems
& Security

5Q Cyber’s Digital Design Agents can help your CRE organization through the planning, designing, construction, and commissioning phases of your next project.

From the basement to the corner office, 5Q has your building secured.

We Get a Complete Picture of Your Building’s Vulnerability Through Your:


Building Management System (BMS)


Operational Technology (OT)


Lighting Control System


Internet of

Things (IoT)


Information Technology (IT)


Other Connected Devices

The 5Q Cyber team takes you from a Smart Building to a Cyber Smart Building

Through our full suite of cyber security services, our primary goals are to protect your business, your buildings, your data, assets, team members and you. We accomplish this through assessments and remediation's such as:

Corporate Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Our seasoned CISO’s use their combined knowledge of cyber security and commercial real estate to evaluate the current state of your cyber security risk so that our team can provide transformational and measurable solutions.


Building System Cyber Assessments

5Q Cyber’s Security Engineers work closely with your property managers and building engineers to perform on-site cyber security assessments of your BMS, engineering rooms, common areas, workstations, and networks in order to provide a comprehensive report with actionable steps to better secure your property.


Building System Cyber Remediations

Using the reports formed from the Building System Cyber Assessments, our Security Engineers work with your building operations and technology staff to resolve the findings and ensure system security.


Other 5Q Cyber Services:

If you need more than just a one-time assessment and remediation, 5Q also has a full suite of recurring cyber services that ensure your entire portfolio is securely monitored and managed 24x7, 365.

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